The Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM) at Caltech is a Physics Frontiers Center supported by the National Science Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. IQIM researchers study physical systems in which the weirdness of the quantum world becomes manifest on macroscopic scales. Our research programs span quantum information science, quantum condensed matter physics, quantum optics, and the quantum mechanics of mechanical systems.

IQIM Postdoctoral Scholars Applications due Dec 4, 2015

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One Entangled Evening and Symposium, Jan 26, 2016

entangled eveningInformation about the symposium and celebration of Feynman's Quantum Legacy is available on this webpage. Questions? Contact Crystal Dilworth


In the News

topolaritonGil Refael and IQIM Postdocs Torsten Karzig, Charles-Edouard Bardyn, and former postdoc Netanel H. Lindner describe a topological polarition, or “topolariton” in a Physics Rev X paper. The topolariton is a hybrid half-light, half-matter quasiparticle that has special topological properties and might be used in devices to transport light in one direction. Read more in the Caltech Media story or the Physics Synopsis: Meet the Polariton 10.6.15

jermynAdam Jermyn honored with 2015 APS Leroy Apker award. Adam was recognized for outstanding achievements in physics as an undergraduate student. Jason Alicea worked with Adam on parafermions "He simply loves physics and has a strong sense of community." Adam is completing this year as a Marshall Scholar at the University of Cambridge, then he will begin his graduate work at MIT next Fall. Read more in the Caltech Media story 10.4.15

e&s fall 2015Full Circle Physics in the Fall issue of E & S. Through a series of interview questions, E & S "has delved into the thinking of several IQIM scientists about the frontiers of quantum science, the role IQIM plays in exploring that frontier, and the question oft thought but rarely spoken: Why should we care?" Read the series of questions with John Preskill, Oskar Painter, Chandi U, and Shaun Maguire.9.24.15


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Upcoming Visitors
Hulikal Krishnamurthy, Sep 1-Oct 28
Karen Michali, Sep 7-25
Elena Koslover, Sep 27-29
Beni Yoshida, Oct 1-8

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